Tal Muskal (CTO, LiquidApps) joins Everything EOS to discuss the upcoming DAPP Network Hackathon and more.

** REGISTER FOR THE DAPP HACKATHON! It’s remote, so no travel required, and features up to $50,000 in prizes. Running from November 17 to 24. Find out more and sign up at dappnetwork.hackerearth.com **

1:00 Tal as Lead Hackathon Mentor
4:00 vCPU to Offload Computation
9:00 Immortal Applications / LiquidChess
11:00 End-to-End Decentralization
13:00 LiquidStorage
15:00 LiquidAccounts
18:00 Artificial Intelligence on a Blockchain
25:30 Horizontal Scalability with vCPU
27:00 vGPU Acceleration
29:00 Import Any C++ Library Onto EOSIO
30:00 Training a Deep Learning Model on EOSIO
35:00 Hackathon
37:30 Javascript Compilers to WASM
39:30 LiquidX
42:00 Multi-Chain Vision
45:00 Open Invite to Block.One Employees
49:00 Deferred Transactions and LiquidScheduler
53:00 Zeus IDE
54:30 Hackathon Tips and Advice
55:00 Tal Hacks Nintendo Wii

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