Advanced Blockchain Development Tools is an Everything EOS course sponsored by Cypherglass. Please vote for my sponsor!

In this lesson, learn the basics of connecting to EOS wallets and complete a quick vanilla website integration with Scatter!

00:00:55 Intro to EOS Wallets
00:04:12 Importing Scatter Scripts
00:08:04 Building a ScatterJS.Network
00:09:57 Using ScatterJS.Connect
00:10:34 Adding your Local Network to Scatter
00:19:15 Calling ScatterJS.Transact

Setting up and working with EOS Studio (from course #1):

Speed-building the mailinglist smart contract:

Easily set up cleos and many other helpful tools using NPM with:
npm install -g @liquidapps/zeus-cmd

Mailinglist Smart Contract:

Completed Scatter-enabled Webpage:

Stay tuned for updates on this course’s learning platform launch! For now, follow the playlist and reach out to the Everything EOS telegram or with any issues or questions.

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