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Rob Finch

Rob has been an active investor in the crypto space since 2013, and has put in his “10,000 hours” of research on blockchain tech, cryptography, and consensus protocols. He possesses a deep understanding of blockchain tech, its innovations, and its potential pitfalls. Rob views EOS as the next logical step in moving the entire crypto space forward as the most scalable, robust blockchain platform available today.

Rob is the CEO of Cypherglass, the premiere US-based EOS block producer, and is an investor in many dapps and businesses on the EOS mainnet. He is also one of the partners behind EOSnameservice.io, the only place to get a custom EOS account name.



Zack Gall

Zack is the Community Relations Manager at LiquidApps. He is a blockchain veteran who has previously worked as a project analyst at ICO Alert and community manager at Civic prior to launching Everything EOS with Cypherglass founder, Rob Finch. Zack has co-hosted and produced the Everything EOS podcast since March 2018 and has established himself as a trusted and well-respected voice in the EOS community.

Zack is also a founding partner at Dappiness Solutions. Outside of blockchain, Zack also enjoys internet memes and spending time with his wife and 4 cats.

Peter Keay

Pete is a full stack dApp developer with experience creating content that explains complicated technical details to the average person. He has built distributed applications on several platforms, most recently EOS, and participated in hackathons and developer workshops across the United States. Now, he’s learning to make the shift to video content, as he works at Everything EOS and LiquidApps to spread the knowledge of dApp development far and wide.

Pete lives in the greater New York City area. When not recording or coding, he can be found jamming on the piano, playing board games, or reading all sorts of non-technical books.

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